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Diggy Dog "PupCakes"
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  100% Natural Goodness, You Could Even Eat Them!

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A Poem by Theo van Joolen
Boston, MA

Mouthwatering Temptations!
Do you really think you know
The cup-cake of North Idaho?
I think it’s time that you’re aware
Of what temptations lie up there?
Ingredients, fresh and gourmet
To your senses will convey
Sweet and creamy, rare delight!
That titillates with every bite 
Vanilla from the tropic isles
Butter cream that just beguiles   
Cocoa from the Netherlands
Will grace your taste buds and your hands 
 Would you have a Coffee Clutch
A Lemon Cream might be the touch
A Mango Tango laced with peach
Or Razzle Dazzle within reach?
A German Chocolate might be nice
Yurtle Turtle?  Roll the dice!
They have Phat Monkey
What a show!Is that a Cherry in the Snow?
A classic choice, Coconut Cream

Chocolat’ Amigo
, what a dream!
Would you like a Cup of Tea?
Goes well with that Pig in a Tree 
Then there is the Horse of Course

The Polar Plunge,
a mighty force!
Pineapple Danish
will make you sing
Key Lime Largo
, packed with zing!
Did I just hear Cookies & Cream?

Hostess Mostess
?  I think I’ll scream!
Sometimes Root Beer Float I crave
Death by Chocolate when I’m brave
The flavors mentioned…just a start
You’ll try more, if you are smart
Temptations will have you enthralled
They had me, and so I’ve scrawled
This humble verse in thanks and praise
For all the awesome, tasty days
Delectation in every crumble I salute you, I succumb!

Now the news has hit your brain
Make your way to Coeur d’ Alene
Or to Hayden, hit the road
Get your gears in dessert mode

Tell your parents, tell your friends!
Of the cup-cake that transcends
They simply are the very best
That you will find in the Northwest! 

By Theo J. van Joolen


What is being said about our fabulous Gourmet Size Temptations ...

"Unbelievable..these are BETTER than Sprinkles in Los Angeles" Allason S. Palm Springs, CA 

I've had Sprinkles cupcakes and these give them stiff competition!" Beverly V. Baltimore, MD

"Watch Out Mongolia Bakery..I was not expecting this in Idaho!"  Josh J.  New York, NY

"Hands down Temptations beats the other shops in town, plus they are TWICE the size"  Roxanne J.
Coeur d' Alene, ID 

We often SELL OUT and bake to do so...Come early & see what all the buzz is about...


Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Temptations bakes with the finest ingredients including Sweet Cream Butter,
Madagascar Vanilla,
a blend of Special Dutch Cocoas, Fresh Fruits, Nuts, and Natural Citrus Zests.  

It's All Good!™

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Coeur d Alene,ID     
Hayden, ID

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