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Introducing Our Latest Creations..
Pink Velvet  
Pumpkin Spice Latte
*Whiskey Jack & Cola
 *Irish Death Dark Ale
(*These above two flavors are for Adults Only!)

The van Joolen (Boston Cream Cake) 

We Have Delicious Gluten Free 
CupCakes - Freezer Packs are available daily!

 You won't believe how good these are! 
For each Dozen you order, we will be happy to make the flavor of your choice!
***Our Signature CupCake***

Better than . . . Dot, Dot, Dot!
- Chocolate Cake filled with Chocolate Chips,  Caramel and a marshmallow center. Topped with a smooth chocolate ganache, caramel, and English Toffee  
A Cup of Tea - Experieance a delightful flavor of Chai Tea embedded deep within a moist cake with all the middle eastern spices to make this a real adventure!

Almond Joy - Just like the famous candy bar, this will take you to a whole new adventure, creamy coconut and almonds with just a touch of creamy fudge!

BananaRama -Light fluffy banana cake with a smooth cream cheese frosting.

Blackberry Haven - A delicious blackberry chocolate cake ,topped a blackberry butter cream frosting and finished with a fresh blackberry

Black Forest Cherry Torte (Schwarzwilder Kirschtorte)A delicious dark chocolate cake, with cherries, rich fudge and chocolate pieces, topped with a fluffy marshmallow cream and finished with mild chocolat’ shavings 

Blonde Bombshell -  A unique combination of a pecan cake with a hint of lemon and coconut and topped  butter cream frosting.  

Bordeaux CreamThis exquisitely flavored cupcake sports a crunchy brown sugar top. Drizzle the caramel on and add caramel butter cream and you got a taste of heaven.  Mary See would be so pleased! 

Butterfinger- An American favorite, BUTTERFINGER, yep, a vanilla cake with buterfinger buttercream (say that three times fast) and finished with buterfinger pieces 

Chocolate Amigo- South of the Border treat that is our rich dark chocolate cake, with a hint of Mexican spices finished with a creamy caramel frosting

Chocolate Chip Walnut - A blend of milk and semi sweet chocolate chips, with a ton fresh roasted walnuts and topped with more chocolate chips - No Frosting needed for this one!

Chocolate Knight -A light and fluffy chocolate topped with (what else) chocolate butter cream  

Chocolate Snow Cap -Our traditional chocolate cupcake capped with 

Cherry Chip - Bits of Cherry Chips spread throughout the cupcake, finished with a smooth vanilla cherry buttercream!

Cherry Chocolate Cheescake
A chocolate cake laced with cherries and chocolate, topped with a creamey cheesecake frosting, cherry topping and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips..OMG..
Cherry Cordial - A chunky chocolate cake with a smooth cherry chocolate butter cream.  

Cherry In The Snow- Vanilla cake laced with pieces of maraschino cherries and slivered almonds, finished with a white chocolate cream cheese frosting and of course a cherry on top!

Chocolat' Amigo- South of the border spices are baked in this chocolate cake with a hint of caramel in the butter cream.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Raisin Cookie-

Churro Churro!  A  cinnamon and sugar cake, with a deep dulce de leche  cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with a  south of the border cinnamon sugar melody.

Cinnamon Roll Swirl - A boatload of fresh soft sun ripened raisins, swirled with Saigon cinnamon and other spices that will make you feel good all over..talk about a true comfort treat for your tummy

Coconut Cream-  vanilla cake laced  with coconut, finished with a mound of vanilla butter cream and coconut

Coffee Clutch -A vanilla cupcake topped with a dynamic butter cream frosting with a hint of coffee.  

Cookie Dough Monster- Smack! Growl! Yum!  These are SOOO Good!  Milk Chocolate Chips surrounded by a chocolate cake, a creamy cookie dough butter cream frosting and bits of cookie dough!  A Cookie Monster favorite!

Cookies & Cream- Chocolate Cake with a rich Oreo® Cookie butter cream frosting.  

Crimson Pear-

Crunchy Spice Cake -

Dark Carmel Cashew-

Death By Chocolate
- Till death do us part….a rich dark chocolate cake with bits of chocolate, filled with a chocolat’ cream and finished with ganache and a drizzle of white chocolate. 

Dirty Turtle- Chocolate Cake with a rich blend of mint Oreo®  cookie frosting and a base of rich fudge ganache.

Hostess Mostess- A twist on the All American Classic… dark chocolate cake that is filled with a creamy butter cream, a shiny ganache and  a  rope of vanilla butter cream that stretches across the top!

Flutter Nutter- Flutter your way through a light and moist vanilla cupcake; then change gears and Nutter your way through a smooth and creamy marshmallow peanut butter cream frosting and topped with mini Nutter Butter cookie!

German Chocolate - German chocolate cake with pecans, pecan ganache and topped with creamy chocolate butter cream. 

Horse Of Course- Traditional brown plus a blonde brownie mixed together and topped with marshmallow and chocolate butter cream. Looks like a horse, of course!

Huckleberry Hill - Huckleberry cake topped with a lightly flavored huckleberry butter cream frosting. 

Key Lime Largo-You’re  tongue is gonna know its been hit with a blast of tropical lime…  A delicious Key Lime vanilla cake, with a touch of graham crackers on the base, and topped with fresh Key Lime zest butter cream

La Fresca Strawberry-

Lemon Razzle Dazzle - A moist lemon and raspberry flavord cake, with real lemon and raspberries, topped with a cream cheese lemon raspberry frosting and topped with fresh lemon zest
Lemon Cream -A light lemon cake filled with a lemon crème center and  topped with a lemon butter cream frosting.  

Licorice - A must if you truely love the flavor of black licorice.  This pairs beautifully with our creamy vanilla ice cream or black licorice ice cream...can you say WOW! 

Lime In De Coconut  - Vanilla cake with a hint of lime, coconut and finished with a fresh lime zest butter cream   

Mad Madagascar Vanilla -
An intense flavor of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla topped with an intense vanilla butter cream

Mango Tango-Tango your way through a cupcake laced with fresh pieces of peach, mango and pineapple.  Topped with a special glaze and Mango flavored cream cheese frosting

MapleNut - Here is a classic, A true pure Vermont maple laced in a moist walnut infused maple cake!

Margaritaville -
♪♪♪Nibblin' on sponge cake
Watchin' the sun bake
As you sing along with Jimmy you can sink your teeth in this sweet and lime south of the border sensation!  A light vanilla cake with just the right amount of that distinctive margarita taste; finished with a cool margarita butter cream…
Mint Grasshopper -A traditional chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate gnash and a light mint butter cream frosting.  

Milk Chocolate Dream-
Night & Day - A chocolate cupcake filled with sweet cream cheese center and finished with a classic cream cheese frosting  

Neapolitan -


Pig In a Tree! - A maple flavored cake with just a hint of crumbled bacon topped with pure Vermont maple butter cream frosting.

Pineapple Danish -A light and fluffy pineapple cupcake topped with pineapple and cream cheese frosting

Pistachio Mustachio - Don’t get Pistachio on your Mustachio…A delightful pistachio vanilla cake topped with a creamy pistachio butter cream and finished with bits of California fresh roasted pistachios!
Polar Plunge -A vanilla cake with a caramel fudge center and cashew surprise. Frosted with white chocolate butter cream, cashews, and caramel.  

Pudin de Chocolate - A  rich dark  chocolate cake, with a hint of Mexican chocolate pudding finished with a creamy chocolate buttercream  frosting.
Raspberry Heaven Cloud A White Chocoate Raspberry cake, with bits of white chocolate, a raspberry cream cheese frosting and topped with white chocolate shavings 
Red Velvet Dress  -Classic Red Velvet cake with rich cream cheese frosting. 

Razzle Dazzle- A dark chocolate velvet cake, with a raspberry sauce on the base, topped with a cream cheese raspberry frosting and finished with a fresh raspberry and drizzle of white chocolate

Rolo Polo -

Root Beer Float - Ahhh, this should take you back to the lazy days of summer! Remember sipping on a root beer float topped with creamy vanilla and a blissful cherry?  Rootbeer cake – vanilla butter cream 

Campfire treat has graham crackers, marshmallow butter cream and chocolate melted within...wow!

Sprinkle Party -A vanilla cupcake sprinkled with colorful jimmies.  

Snicker-Snicker -You guessed it, a moist chocolate cake, topped with caramel on the base, and more caramel laced on top of aand more caramel laced on top of a buttercr...eam nougat and finished with roasted chopped nuts
State Fair Candy Apple- A prize in store with this Granny Apple cake, with just the right spices topped with caramel and pecans.

Spumoni Delight-

Strawberry Delight - A delicious medley of real strawberries and white cake  topped with strawberry cream cheese frosting.   

Summer Rosewater Pistachio- Here is a  moist and light vanilla cake with a subtle but recognizable rose and pistachio flavor.   It is topped with a sweet and rosy  velvet buttercream and finished with fresh roasted pistachios.  The flavors are combined often in middle eastern/Greek cuisines…you may just be surprised how delightful and unique these taste!

Tiki Hut- Your mouth will delight in this take off our the Girls Scouts famous Samoan!  Treat yourself to pecans, coconut, fudge and caramel!  These go quick when the baker makes'em! 

Traditional Wedding Cake - Amaretto flavored cake with a hint of amaretto flavor in a rich butter cream frosting  

Thing 1 & Thing 2 -Dr. Zeuss would be proud!  Cotton Candy flavored cake with Cotton Candy butter cream.

Tiramisu- Treat from Italy has inspired this delight!  Espresso flavored cake with a coffee liqueur cream cheese frosting and topped with dutch cocoa and dipped dark chocolate espresso bean!

Turtle Sundae - A dark chocolate cake with caramel and topped with ganache, caramel and pecans

Twisted Sister -This cupcake is as twisted and fun as your sister!  A chocolate strawberry cupcake, with fresh strawberries and finished with a strawberry & pretzel chocolate butter cream and topped with a white chocolate covered pretzel

Vanilla Princess The beautiful taste of pure vanilla with vanilla butter cream  frosting.   

White Chocolate Macadamia-

Carmel marshmallow await you inside a moist chocolate malt cake,  a Whopper butter cream explosion of flavor and a Whopper for a Topper

Whiskey Jack-

Yee Haw! - Chocolate cake finished with a twist of peanut butter cream and rich chocolate buttercream!   

                                                   Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
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